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2018 registration is OPEN from September 7 – October 1/18!!  We look forward to having you join us for a new season!

Hello Everyone!

Welcome back!  We were informed at the end of last year that Speed Skate Canada(SSC) has adopted a new registration program that they are calling the “M.A.S.”.  I have been working with it for the past two weeks to try to get it ready to go so that our returning members won’t have to come down to the One Stop Registration to register tomorrow, and I think it is ready so you won’t need to! (Although you may need to rent skates still!).  I think everything is functioning now, I have managed to register my own family successfully, I just ask you to bear with it and please be patient as it is very new.  We will have room for everyone, so if it isn’t working right away – send me an email at and I will try to help you out!  Also,  I will ask you to please not register as an Associate JUST yet.  There is a little bit of a question there that we are just confirming the answer to.

The good news;  This new program has a family registration option AND you can pay online!

The bad news;  You still have to pay for each program individually but it is all under one account so it isn’t to difficult.  They do hope to have a “group” payment option available at a later date.


There are detailed instructions from Speed Skate Canada… first you need this how_to_login_to_the_mas

Most of you were members last year, you will need your SSC Member#.  It was emailed to you when you registered last year, please try to find this number on your own (you should keep track of it as this is also how a skater is identified for competitions).  If you can not find it, send me an email and I will get back to you as soon as I can.  If you were a member in the past but not last year, you will need to create a new account.

If you are a parent registering children, it would be best to create a family account, info from SSC is here how_to_create_and_manage_a_family_account_-_mas.  You will begin by entering your own information as the administrator for your family and then adding your kids onto your account by their SSC Member#’s.  Once your members are entered you will need to update their information and then you will sign them up for a program by clicking on the “Affiliation” tab on the top right of the screen, which will prompt you to accept our waiver and then pay via credit card.  Again, please don’t register yourself as an Associate just yet – we will get to that soon.  Family Registration Link  Be sure to select “Create Family Account”

If you are an Individual registering only yourself and you were registered last year, you should be able to click this link and enter your SSC Membership # to find your info.  From there you should be able to update your information (phone number, emergency contact, etc) and then you will sign them up for a program by clicking on the “Affiliation” tab on the top right of the screen, which will prompt you to accept our waiver and then pay via credit card.  More detailed instructions are here online_registration_for_returning_2017-2018_members_-_mas

If you are new to the sport and would like to join us – you are welcome to come down to Totem Mall on September 8/18 to sign up at the One Stop Registration or you can send us an email and  just register and pay online.  The link is  here and the instructions are here how_to_create_and_manage_a_family_account_-_mas

I think this should enable most of you to register your skaters in your family, but if you do have questions or concerns please do email Susie at

ALSO OF NOTE!!  We will need a Medical for and Code of Conduct form returned to us for all of our skaters.  Please also familiarize yourself with the Concussion Protocol and our Privacy Policy.

Code of Conduct



privacy policy




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